Welcome to my new personal website that has been a long time coming. Most of my time gets spent on helping others achieve their dreams and goals but now, I think it is my turn to make some things happen! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out what I have been working on. You will see that I have been busy working on the projects listed below.

I am the founder (along with my wife) of Mazuma Industries, LLC (still working on the site) which happens to be a business management & development company we started back in 2007. I love being an entrepreneur! My true passion comes from creating things and seeing them come to life. I have so many ideas in my head but want to finally devote all my attention into growing my current projects. Stay tuned and stop by often because things develop pretty rapidly around here!

My current projects (some not listed yet) are:

I mainly use WordPress (WP) themes layered over the core CMS of WP. I love WP! Matt is a genius. He and the WP community have allowed for someone like myself to easily develop, with no coding or designing background, and bring to life my ideas. Thank you so much WP.